Hot Mop Advantage

Shower Pan Liners vs. Hot Mop Shower Pans

Hot mop shower pans are recommended by industry leaders over a shower pan liner.

Let's start off with the single most reliable and trusted tile expert in the world. The Ceramic Tile Institute of America, established in 1992 to promote excellence in tile installation, recommends the hot mop shower pan method of waterproofing above other methods such as a shower pan liner. Their recommendation comes from extensive testing, and field experience has proven to the Ceramic Tile Institute of America that hot mop shower pans are practically endless in life expectancy.
(See: The Ceramic Tile Institute of America recommends hot mop shower pans)

According to the Ceramic Tile Institute of America, a prefabricated shower pan membrane provides inadequate protection against waterproofing. That being said, you should trust the quality and reliability of a hot mop shower pan over any type of shower floor pan. A shower liner can puncture much more easily than a hot mop shower pan which is made from liquid heated tar and three layers of roofing grade felt. The heated tar is applied to the shower pan and fully seals, waterproofs, and protects much better than a shower pan liner.

How can a shower pan liner affect you?

A leaking shower pan can cause a great deal of damage to your property. In addition to the tile work needing to be demolished, water damage to your personal property can cause a big headache. Many of your prized personal possessions can be damaged or destroyed because of a faulty shower pan liner. It is this reason that most contractors with veteran experience choose a hot mop shower pan over a shower pan liner. If you need your shower waterproofed, choose a method that has been field, laboratory, and time tested with superior results. Always choose a hot mop shower pan over a shower pan liner whenever it is practical to use a hot mop shower pan installation.

Installing a shower pan

Installing a shower pan can be cheap and many times it does not require great expertise to install tile ready shower pans. Ask yourself if the cheaper shower pan liner is actually tile ready. Do you trust that thin shower pan membrane against millions of gallons of water? You should always remember that choosing a shower pan liner over a hot mop shower pan can lead to leaks, water damage, and ultimately cost you thousands of dollars more than you originally expect to pay. A shower pan liner may seem cheaper at first, but you should take into consideration the long term effects and repercussions to using a cheap, inferior product in an area of your home that will be exposed to hundreds of thousands of gallons of water over the years.

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